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Information Governance

Document Retention

Objective: Ensure that business critical documents are preserved while preventing transient information from taking up much needed resources.

Challenge: Without proper retention policies employees and the organizations themselves often keep information not based on the value it may have, but on how much space it may take up.

Solution: Let us work with you to craft retention polices that enable an organization to proactively manage their enterprise information.

Defensible Deletion

Objective: Eliminate needed and redundant data through defensible disposition practices.

Challenge: Without enterprise level disposition policies organizations are left with over retention or the risk of spoliation. The risks that organizations face is that ultimately without guidance for employees duplicate and unneeded data proliferate, increasing risks to the company. This legacy data becomes subject to discover/disclosure, while at the same time can’t be properly leveraged to make business decisions.

Solution: Our team will work with you to develop deletion policies that can easily be understood by your employees and which mitigate the risks inherent in over preservation.

Dark Pool Analysis

Objective: Understand legacy data with no clear ownership and determine its value to the organization.

Challenge: Data from employees that have left the organization as well as legacy applications and repositories is often left untouched. Not knowing whether the data has value, organizations often default to keeping it in perpetuity while rarely being able to leverage the information.

Solution: We provide assistance and advice for customers looking to evaluate legacy information. Through our processes and our technology partners we enable organizations to separate their valuable information from that which is valueless.