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Litigation Readiness

Corporate & Retained Counsel Relationship

Objective: Develop a framework for allowing in-house and outside counsel to consistently discuss issues pertaining to information governance, and discovery.

Challenge: Many of our clients discuss the difficulties they have educating different outside law firms — or being educated by different clients — on their internal information governance and information technology structures. This lengthy learning curve creates added risk and complexity, especially when attempting to work with an array of different firms.

Solution: Our team works with out clients to develop “quick reference” guides that allow for an expedited discussions between the client and various firms.

Technological Process Automation

Objective: Provide technology and solutions to streamline some of the common components of the litigation management life-cycle.

Challenge: The old joke, “that if I wanted to be in IT I wouldn’t have gone to law school,” can sometimes be exemplified in the processes that corporate counsel use to manage their processes. In every aspect of the litigation management life-cycle from tracking custodian legal hold acknowledgements, to evaluating law firm bills there are ways that technology can reduce risk and provide cost savings.

Solution: We work closely with our clients to identify areas where technology can be used to supplement existing processes in order to make them more efficient, more consistent, and more accurate.